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Who's Who

We are delighted to welcome you to our school.
Please make yourself familiar with the team 


Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs Mary Doody-Greaves


  • Mr Joshua Greening

    Assistant Head Teacher

Office Team

  • Mrs Jaquie Jewitt

    Business Manager

  • Mrs Paula McCourt

    Admin and Attendance

Safeguarding Team

  • Mrs M Doody-Greaves

    Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mr J Greening

    Assistant Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

  • Mrs J Jewitt

    GDPR & Single Central Record

  • Ms L Fletcher

    TA/Pastoral Safeguarding 

  • Mrs D Price

    Safeguarding Governor

Teaching & Support Staff Team

  • Miss Leah Gosling

    Class 1 Teacher (Nursery and Reception 

  • Mr Grant Bollon

    Class 2 Teacher (Year 1 & Year 2)

  • Miss Rachel Bettley

    Class 3 Teacher (Year 3 & Year 4)

  • Mr Joshua Greening

    Class 4 Teacher (Year 5 & Year 6)

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs D Hemingway


  • Mr D Newby


  • Miss L Fletcher

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss G Buckborough

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs L Clark

    Teaching Assistant

Nursery Nurse

  • Miss M Taylor

    Nursery Nurse

Caretaking Staff

  • Mr Barry Stephenson


  • Mrs Dale


Breakfast Club Team

  • Mrs Adans

  • Mrs Oliver

Lunchtime Team

  • Mrs Adans

  • Mrs Oliver

  • Mrs McCourt