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Assembly Themes

Our assemblies are linked to themes that are celebrated and explored through our P.S.H.C.E. (Personal, Social. Health, Citizenship Education) curriculum and strongly feature S.M.S.C. (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) strands. We use 'Jigsaw' which is a curriculum approach that teaches mindfulness and this is echoed throughout our assemblies where we make time for reflection and encourage the children to think about what they have learned and where they demonstrate it in their own lives. 


Each term we have different musical themes to ensure that the children have a rich diet of musical genres over the course of their lives at school. Within this we are also highlighting different musical instruments played by a variety of people from across the world from world famous artists to a home video of a child in India to open all of our children's minds and know that everything is possible. 


Key religious festivals are interwoven at key points throughout the year. 


When Covid restrictions are lifted, parents will be welcome to join us for our celebration assemblies at 3.10p.m. alternate Fridays to share with the children the work that they are proud of; weekly being brilliant certificates; attendance certificates; celebration of achievements both inside and outside of school; and birthdays. 


Please send any outside of school achievements and certificates into school so that we may celebrate them and add them to our achievement wall. 


We look forward to welcoming you.