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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of  admission arrangements below. 

There are two different types of admissions - those who start school at the 'normal' time for the start of the Reception year, and those for places in other year groups or at any other time (these are called 'in-year' applications for school places).  In-year applications are made, for example, when a child is already attending one school and the parents / carers wish to move their child from one school to another, and when a family moves to a different area and needs a new school place for their child(ren).


The admission authority for Bempton School is the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and admissions applications are co-ordinated by the Council.


If you would like to visit Bempton School when considering making an application, please call 01262 850508 to arrange a visit.


How do I apply for a 'normal' school place for my child?


Applications to start our school for the first time, for the start of Reception, should be made direct to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council by the deadline for applications.  Late applications will be considered after those submitted by the deadline, often when there are no longer places available so it is important that you apply on time.  If you live in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council area then you can find more information about 'normal' admissions processes, deadlines, details of the appeal process and other information at:

How do I apply for an 'in-year' school place for my child?


Applications for 'in-year' school places are made through the Local Authority's co-ordinated admissions scheme for in-year applications and should be made directly to the Local Authority no earlier than one term before the place is required, and it is recommended that you apply no later than a period of twenty school days, that is four weeks in term time, before you wish for the place to be available for your child.  Applications are considered in the order that they have been received, for example if there is one space available in a year group, the parent / carer who applied for their place first will likely be allocated the place for their child.  Proof of residence may be required before places can be allocated, and the school fully adheres to the East Riding Fair Access Protocol.  Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application as soon as is possible, though this is commonly ten school days after an application has been received, but may be later in certain circumstances.


If you live in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council area, then you can find more information about 'in-year' admissions processes and details of the co-ordinated admissions scheme at the link below, where you can also find and download an application form along with details of how to appeal for a school place where you have been refused.  If you live outside of the East Riding you should apply to your 'home' Local Authority and not the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  there is no supplementary information form when applying for a place at our school


Who makes decisions on school admissions applications?


The admissions authority for the school is the Council, who make admissions decisions based on information provided by the school such as the capacity of the class / year group ad the number of pupils already on roll.


Where can I find a copy of the admissions arrangements for the school?


As the admissions authority for the school is the Council, the admissions arrangements for the school are set by the Council alongside those that apply for all other community and voluntary controlled schools.  You can view these arrangements for the current and some future shool years on the Council's website below.

All parents must apply through the Local Authority for a place in Reception via the link above. It is the Local Authority and NOT the school which is the admission authority. 


To apply for a place please contact East Riding of Yorkshire Council and School Admissions. The closing date for admission is usually mid January before the start of the academic year in September. Parents will be contacted in March before the start of the academic year in September to let you know at which school your child has been allocated a place.


The school will then contact you during the summer term to invite you to an open evening and to fill out the registration form below. Please note this registration form is NOT  to be used to apply for a school place. 


Who should I contact with queries on school admissions?


School Admissions Team

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

County Hall


HU17 9BA


Tel: 01482 392100 (during school hours)

Pupil Admission Number Proposal & Approved for the School Year 2022-2023

Bempton School Pupil Registration Form

Free School Milk and the Government's Fruit and Vegetable Scheme

Bempton School is its own admission authority for nursery places.  We can offer up to 30 hours of nursery provision a week for children aged 3 and 4.


To apply for a place please read our Nursery Admission Policy, fill in the admission forms contained therein and return these directly to the school office. We currently offer flexible provision from 3 to 30 hours per week. Please read the policy carefully and contact us to register your interest and find out if you are eligible for a free place.