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BemptonPrimary School

School Values and Ethos


‘Empowering our children with knowledge,

ambition and self-belief’




To value each child as being unique and precious recognising and encouraging the development of their personal gifts and talents through motivating and stimulating them in a quality environment so that they may become active and self-motivated citizens who are respectful of the diverse world in which we live.



Ensure that our children are happy, inquisitive and excited learners, self confident and independent.


  • Encourage and support learners to work to the best of their ability and to have high expectations of themselves and others


  • Develop a challenging, child-centred and stimulating learning environment that is matched to all children’s levels of need to promote success


  • Provide exciting and thought provoking opportunities to develop pupils’ skills and equp them for an ever changing world of technology


  • Actively encourage all learners to understand and celebrate diversity, equality and British Values


  • To sensitively meet, support and develop social, moral, spiritual and cultural needs of all our learners through a diverse range of experiences and dialogues


  • To provide a robust and varied programme of physical and outdoor learning activities encouraging and creating positive habits for life and learning


  • Actively promote and maintain a positive productive working partnership between home and school


  • Develop strong supporting links with neighbouring schools through challenging and proactive partnerships


  • To cultivate and promote active links with local, national and global communities


  • Ensure all children develop respect for themselves and those around them and know how to keep safe, yet be empathic and questioning using higher order philosophical thinking skills


  • To proactively provide opportunities for the professional development of adults working within school, supporting and developing the needs of all pupils