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Safeguarding and E-Safety


For information or to report a case of child exploitation and online protection please go to

Our School Curriculum 

As part of the pupil's curriculum enhancement and the development of their ICT skills, Bempton School is providing supervised access to the Internet, including email.

We take positive steps to ensure that pupils do not have access to undesirable materials.  Our school Internet access provider operates a filtering system that restricts access to inappropriate materials.  In addition, children are given clear instructions on what Internet sites they are allowed to visit.  They are closely monitored when having access to the Internet.

Whilst every endeavour is made to ensure that suitable restrictions are placed on the ability of children to access inappropriate material, the school will not be liable under any circumstances for any damages arising from your child's use of the Internet facilities.  Please read the Rules for Responsible Internet Use below.

In this digital age with so many social media apps it is difficult to keep track. We hope these guides and links will help you take the first steps in knowing a little bit more about using social media safely.

If you find a resource which you think other parents would find helpful do let us know and we can signpost to it here.


Parent Guide Advice re Sexting

Parent Controls Advice re setting parent controls in your home