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Class 2's Nature Walk to Buckton

Class 2's Nature Walk to Buckton 1
Class 2's Nature Walk to Buckton 2
Class 2's Nature Walk to Buckton 3
Class 2's Nature Walk to Buckton 4

Children were learning how to:

  • Identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees.


Class 2 spent the afternoon looking for spring.  Our challenge was to learn about the different trees and identify if they were evergreen or deciduous. The children also got the opportunity to see various habitats around the nature walk, such as birds nests, owl boxes and rabbit burrows.  The children used the iPads to take photos and make short videos to record their learning and to give them the opportunity to compare seasonal changes in their next visit.

The Discovery of 'The Egg'

Still image for this video

Children were learning to:

  • use reasoning to predict.
  • write for different purposes
  • use adjectives to describe.

We recently had a visit from two very different dragons. Lorna (the good dragon) tasked Class 2 with looking after her egg while she hid in the classroom ceiling. With magical hidden messages and secret hiding places we were able to communicate with Lorna completing many tasks along the way, including: writing predictions about what as inside the egg; describing the baby dragon once it had hatched and writing questions to both Lorna and Groot (the bad dragon).