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Our Learning about Fairy Tales

Our Learning about Fairy Tales 1

At the beginning of the term we learned about fairy tales. We focused on the Three Little Pigs, the Three Billy Goats Gruff and Little Red Riding Hood. We learned about story settings, character description, predicting what might happen next, sequencing the story and writing the story map. Class 1 enjoyed role playing the story and acting out different versions of the story and then comparing them.



Our Learning about the Chinese New Year

Our Learning about the Chinese New Year 1

Class 1 celebrated the Chinese New Year by learning  about the different traditions and customs, including how to write Chinese numbers and letters. The children then created a Chinese dragon using different media and lots of imagination. Through the creation of the Chinese dragon we learned about shapes, measurements, mixing colours and ordering different sized boxes. The dragon was then used to inspire the children to move imaginatively to Chinese music accompanying each other using percussion instruments.

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentine's Day 1
Class 1 learned about Valentine's Day, when it originated and why we celebrate the day. We thought about who we love and why we love them and then shared our thoughts with our friends. We used brilliant speaking and listening skills throughout our learning, especially in our daily talk time. To celebrate Valentine's Day we made special cards to take home.

Our Writing about Pancake Day

Our Writing about Pancake Day 1
Class 1 have been learning about Shrove Tuesday. We wrote about our favourite pancake topping. The children had to think carefully about the sounds that they could hear within words before they began writing. They had to remember their letter formation, capital letters and full stops. The children read their work to the class.

World Book Day in Class 1

World Book Day in Class 1 1
In Class 1 we all dressed up and had an amazing day learning about our favourite stories. We discussed the different characters, story settings and why they were our favourite. The children role played their characters and used their speaking and listening skills to ensure that all children were heard and that they took turns. Through role play the children learned more about the stories and how the different characters felt in different scenarios.

Our Creative Phonics Learning

Our Creative Phonics Learning 1
Our Creative Phonics Learning 2
Class 1 have been working extremely hard learning their phonics. They have been learning the single phonemes in phonics and then they have been applying this learning across our setting within various activities. We have phonics sounds and sentences in the sandpit, tricky words visible inside and outside, phonics in the play dough - wherever the children look they are encouraged to read.

Reading our own Sentences

Reading our own Sentences 1
Reception children have been working really hard and use all their phonic knowledge, including blending and segmenting the sounds, remembering their handwriting strategies, their capital letters and full stops to read their sentences to their peers. The children wrote their own sentences, mainly independently and had a good attempt at reading them back.