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BemptonPrimary School


At Bempton we concentrate very hard on maintaining and improving our attendance and punctuality. If your child is ill you are required to inform school by telephone by 09:30a.m. on the child’s first morning of absence, giving a reason for absence and an indication of when your child will return to school. A letter should also be brought into school on your child’s return. Absences for sickness are not automatically accepted if your child has a number of absences.


Children are required to attend school for 190 days each year.  Government (DfE) research suggests that 16 days absence or 92% attendance in any one year can equal a full grade drop in attainment and rapidly slows their progress. How does your child’s attendance compare with this target?  Please remember that children who miss a lot of school achieve even less.



Work Together to Achieve a Certificate


Each class has the opportunity to work together to achieve the weekly target and be awarded with an Headteacher's certificate. If all classes achieve 96.1%+ each week they all have the opportunity to win gold!




96.1%+ 95% to 96% 94% to 95% 


Certificates are displayed in each class window so that everyone can see how well we are doing.

Would you like support?


We monitor each child's attendance daily, weekly, half termly, termly and annually. We look at patterns of absence too. 


Miss Fletcher can offer support if your child's attendance is below expected levels and  we can work together to improve this before we are required to refer it to the Local Authority. Please contact Miss Fletcher at the school if you would like to ask her any questions. We look forward to working in partnership with you.